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    can i run windows on my powermac g3
    Hey everyone,

    I have a friend who asked if i would ask this question for him. He has an upgraded G3 Powermac. Heres some of the other information he gave me; OS 10.4.6 , 450 MHZ processor, 576 mb memory. Oncea again i dont know much about macs but he doesnt have the internet so i said i would do this for him. Is it possible to put windows on this computer? If so what additions need to be made? I would appreciate any help. thanks for your time.

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    I wouldn't try running vpc on anything less then a g5, but a g4 might work. I am sorry but I am 100% positive that running vpc on a g3 is near impossible. You also can not run windows natively on a non-intel system.
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    You can run virtual pc and 2004 is free at this link

    2007 will be avail for free in 2007

    EDIT: Sorry it's free for non-macs

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    thanks for the replies guys...ill let him know

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    never mind...

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