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    help!- beige G3 usb pci card
    I've upgraded my aging G3 to OS9.2.2 which went very smoothly, except now the usb ports on a pci card are no longer recognized. System profiler sees both the usb-pci card and the usb hub plugged into the card, so i think it's a driver problem.

    I understood OS9.2.2 now includes the usb drivers, but I nonetheless installed apple usb adapter card support 1.4.1 from apple. This did not help.

    Ideas, anyone?

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    I have exactly the same problem. Its recognised in System Profiler, and when I plug a pen drive in, it recognises that too in system profiler. But it doesnt appear on the desktop. I too have tried the 1.4.1 update to no advantage.

    Is yours working yet, if yeas, what did you do. I have a Belkin 5 port card.


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    Ive read that the usb drive has to support it too. So ill try another more modern one, maybe thatll work.

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