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    iMac G3 Screen Flickers Yellow
    Any idea what this could be? I'll probably take it in to a local apple shop and get it looked at because I'm guessing its a hardware issue..but just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem. The entire screen flickers yellow and occasionally it'll stick with a yellow hue over the screen for a while. I got it used so I'm not particularly concerned but any ideas would be appreciated.

    Just got my Macbook hooked up with SynergyKM so I can control the mouse/keyboard of my iMac it just looks like a big monitor sitting on my desk now and between two computers I only have two wires..both for power..which is nice

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    I believe red flickers can be caused by bad connections or cables--but you said the color is yellow. I believe there is a way to re-calibrate the color on your iMac. Not totally sure on the steps--but you should be able to check Apple support or Google it to see how to perform that operation.

    Best of luck!
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    Yeah I've already tried re-calibration..

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