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Thread: Digital Output

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    Digital Output
    Recently got myself a 6.1 receiver to go with my iMac (21" iSight G5) but i'm having some trouble getting more than 2 channels from the digital output.
    In audio/midi setup-> configure speaker -> multichannel, all of the options are greyed out except for stereo, and in audio/midi setup-> under Audio Output, (my options being 2ch-16 bit, 2ch-24 bit and Encoded Digital Audio) selecting Encoded Digital Audio makes the Default and System outputs in that panel switch to "none" and my receiver gets no stream at all. Any help appreciated!

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    same problem
    I sem to have exactly the same symptoms with my new Mac mini. Did you ever get a fix?

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    I had no problems getting 5.1 channels out of my MBP. I just plugged an optical cable into the digital out and played video that had 5.1 channels of sound using iTunes. Worked like a charm. Not sure how the digital out works on the powerpc macs though...
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