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    Spitting iMac Again
    Hi all:

    Some of you may remember the "Spitting iMac" incident from a few months back. Well the situation hasn't changed at all. My iMac now spits out every piece of media that I eject out of the optical drive. It's not a serious issue, but I am considering bringing it in to get it fixed. However, is it worth the trouble? If I'm going to be without my machine for a few days it's not worth it. But do I stand any chance of getting upgrading in some way? Can I potentially benefit from bringing it in?

    Thanks in advance.
    DJ Lee

    Watts Up Productions

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    Yeah I have the same problem and am waiting to send it in. As for you chances of upgrading.. probably very slim.. I've heard of it happening, but it's very rare. We just sent in our Powerbook G4, 667 and they gave us our money's worth, but no upgrade

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