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Thread: Accept Visual Inputs?

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    Accept Visual Inputs?
    This issue is not that important to me but I would like to know because it will decide where I put the iMac once it arrives on the 29th.

    Is it possible to say connect a VGA input into it, or maybe some kind of component input (such as the one that comes with the 360). Im mainly interested because I would imagine it is not possible because the monitor only works with the Mac on, so I cannot see how it could accept a different signal.

    Still if it is possible to send say a 360 signal in then it would go in my room otherwise ill put it in my office room.

    Any ideas?

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    You can buy a tuner-like device to create input via USB, which means practically any computer is capable of accepting a video-input.

    It however won't work while the iMac is off.

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    Ah I see, ill have to look into that, I would imagine the 360 might look better on a 24inch vs/ my 15inch CRT 1980's mono portable

    Thanks for the info

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