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    G4 Tower KP At Startup
    I recently got a Mac Pro, and moved all essential files to it. I decided to let my sister use my old G4, with 10.4.7 installed. Up until now, it worked well.

    The problem is that when I try to boot into OS X, I get a kernel panic at startup before the loading screen comes up. I can still boot into Classic on my second drive, but I can't do anything because I've never been able to get the keyboard or mouse to work in Classic (but I can boot into it).

    The first thing I tried, of course, was an installation disc. The problem is, I can't even boot into that either. Same problem. I have tried resetting the PRAM and NVRAM, but still to no avail. The help docs at don't seem to have any answers either, but I find searching there is a pain, and I might've not found the right document. Looks like I'm clueless and need help now.

    I wasn't there when the problem was created. She says she was moving and deleting files on her account. She accidently moved something from Applications to the trash, and when she tried to move it back, the folders and tool bar disappeared, and the computer froze. Hasn't work sense. That was it. Seems like the error is completely random and unprovoked.

    If need be, I can erase the drive because I already transferred everything important, but it'd still be a majar pain. Any ideas?

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    :doctor: If you can't get it to boot from the installation disc (holding down C while powering up) then it sounds like a hardware problem. Try unplugging everything attached to the computer, printers, scanners, routers etc.
    I had a similar on my B&W G3 and it turned out to be a Ram chip had gone down. I took all the ram out and inserted each one & restarted until I found the culprit which I then disposed off. Also sometimes worth just unplugging and replugging the drives etc.
    Once you can boot from the install disc you can do an Archive and Install which keeps all you files intact.
    Best of luck
    Col :mac:

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