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    I've finally made the transition, my PC is long gone and wow does this Imac f'in rock.

    Excitement aside. I'm trying to get 5.1 surround sound on this thing. I'm aware that the Imac is capable of it through its digital out so, I'm guessing I need a 5.1 amplifier or soemthing like that. Not to sure on the terms. I've already looked at products from Philips, Creative. Both intended for PCs. I've looked at FireWave from Griffin Technology and according to reviews a program needs to be running to have 5.1 surround sound going. Which sucks. I want some that you can just install the drivers for and the sound will just come out of my speakers with anyone extra stuff like having a program run.

    So anyone manage to have anything like that? I just wanna watch movies and hear my final cut work in surround sound. Help please.
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    I would also like to know the answer to this question. I get my iMac on the 28th and already have some 5:1 Logitech THX sound system.


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    I just have 5.1 surround sound optical out on my powermac with out any extra things. The reason I am actually responding to this post is to let you know that you can not create 5.1 sound tracks in final cut, you need soundtrack pro to do this.
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    If you have a digital input on your receiver/amp, you should be fine.

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    You may not be able to create surround sound in Final Cut, but you can play back already-existing surround sound (DVD movies, Games, some soundtracks) in a 5.1 speaker system if you have connected your iMac to it through the required cables. Apple themselves don't seem to make the thing, but I think this Belkin product ought to do it......

    I don't think any Apple has analog 5.1 audio output, so you gotta have a digital audio decoder or an amp/system with a TOSLINK optical input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich
    If you have a digital input on your receiver/amp, you should be fine.
    Any fairly new receiver should have this.

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    Could I just ask what does a digital input look like lol

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    Digital I/O connectors usually come in 2 forms:
    1) a single RCA jack labelled S/PDIF, digital or whatever else, that basically transmits an electrical signal.
    2) a small trapezoidal hole with a T-shaped plug labelled "optical" that transmits optical signals. The T-shaped plug is meant to keep the connector clean. (The plug must be removed before the wired plug is inserted)

    The S/PDIF jack needs a simple RCA jack with coaxial wire, while the optical jack needs a fibre optic cable with the correct TOSLINK plug. The iMac has it's optical output nestled inside the little minijack hole of the output, and hence will accept only a mini-optical plug. The Belkin cable, to which I have already referred you, has a mini-optical plug at one end and a standard TOSLINK plug at the other - it should be suitable for you, since you have a Logitech Z-680, if I'm not mistaken. The cable is NOT proprietary and thus, similar cables are made by other companies that should work just fine for you. Check out your local AV store for it...................

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