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Thread: iSight Problem - iMac Core 2 Duo

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    Unhappy iSight Problem - iMac Core 2 Duo
    So, I'm new to Macs, I just received my new iMac yesterday, and I can't get my iSight to work. I was getting a green screen in Photobooth, now it's a grey screen, and I'm getting a green screen when I open that "Mirror" wigget. If I open iMovie and import video from the iSight it works, but it won't work in the other two programs. I'm not trying to run the programs at the same time or anything like that, I'm really confused on why this isn't working.

    Any suggestions?

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    That's not right. Something's wrong. Have you contacted Applecare? Doesn't sound like anything that can be fixed without sending it back. How about iChat? Open iChat and click your green camera icon at top of the Buddy List.

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    iSight shouwl work fine from the start. Return this faulty unit.
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    hi, i have the same green screen at iSight camera, weirdo thing is that the cammera works good in bootcamp.Windows, (poor video quality but works!)

    it use to work ok in mac os, im not sure if green screen appears after update from 10.4.6 to macos 10.4.7 of after run the bootcamp after macos upgrade...

    why it works in windows and dont works at mac os?

    thanks in advance..


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