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Thread: Power Mac & Sleep Mode

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    Power Mac & Sleep Mode
    do Power Macs not go into deep sleep? whenever i put my iMac to sleep everything turns off, even the mouse and fan. but my Power Mac G3 just puts the screen to sleep. are they all like this?
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    Mine (PowerMac G3 B&W) does the same. When I put it into sleep, it just turns the graphics off and the hard drive but you can still hear the fan going. I don't believe that you can Deep Sleep with a G3 PowerMac.


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    what about the mac pro...I haven't turned mine off yet. Is it good to turn off every once in a while? What is best for the computer?

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    My PowerMac G5 goes totally to sleep when I tell it - graphics, fans everything. It is wonderful.
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    I like to turn my computers off if I'm not going to be around the house. This ensures that nothing can go wrong while I'm not at home. For example, If the Case/CPU Fan gives out and I'm not home, it'll overheat... Or in the rare occasion that something goes wrong with the PC or PSU and it catches on fire... Believe Me, Driving up to your burned, charred house doesn't make for a good day.

    I find it perfectly fine to leave my computers on when I'm home. Or I'll put them to sleep or Hibernate (in Windows)


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    I guess it depends on which model you have. I know my G4 MDD shuts all the drives and fans (the wind tunnel!!!) off when it goes to sleep, but I haven't tried my G4 DA or my B&W G3.

    I always leave my computers on but I have a lot of remote access running because of the work I do. I have my PC set up pretty quiet so I can sleep with it running as well, but that dang thing really heats up the place during these summer nights. My G4 MDD is loud as heck-darn, so I'm going to have to work on that if I want to keep it running 24/7.

    As far as fans going out and killing some expensive stuff; I've heard of it happen before. I've even seen one guy that had a moth fly into his computer's CPU heatsink fan and kill it, and when he woke up in the morning he had one dead Athlon 64. :/ I'm not too worried about mine, but seeing I paid nearly $1000 for my CPU a year or so ago, I'd really hate to see that happen. :O

    The drives are really the only thing I worry about when I leave computers running, but I always run all Seagate drives and I rarely have any issues with failing drives. If you think about it, only mechanical parts in a PC are going to fail more often than not, and the only mechanical parts in a PC are the fans and hard drive/optical drive. Those are the things you have to worry about.
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