Have no more access to my second hard disk :
Maxtor 250GB SATA
Part Number / Model: 7Y250M00660AF.
Disk Utility see it but got error message from the finder. Unreadable disk.
Have been told the problem is the chips card (green card with all chips attached on the disk...what is the name of that card anyway ?). Look like I just need to buy exactly the same disk, take the chips card from the new disk and put it on the old one and voilą...I should be able to see all my stuff!!!
Have you ever heard about that ? if that make sence, do I need to buy the same disk model number (7Y250M0...) or any Maxtor 250GB SATA may be ok ?

or... is Data Recovery Software like Stellar Phoenix Macintosh is a good option ?
Pls help, I just want to make the good choice..and I need my files back.


G5 dual 2.5 Mac OS X (10.4.3)