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Thread: Hi! and monitors for my (hopeful) new Mac Pro...

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    Hi! and monitors for my (hopeful) new Mac Pro...
    Hi all,

    New to the forum, but not to the Mac world. Was drug into the Mac world Kicking and screaming and am now a mac disciple...anyway. I am curently running a G4 sawtooth, a G4 powerbook and am doing mostly professional audio editing, but getting into video to expand the biz. A mac pro is in the near future (i.e. when the wife OK's it) and I'm contemplating on monitors. I've pretty much decided on two standard computer monitors vs. a 26" LCD TV for Pro Tools editing, but I need to know what are the best monitors for compatibility with the Mac Pro. I know the Cinema displays are great, but I'm a Business Professional for Best Buy and can get some killer discounts on standard and widescreen monitors. If I go non-mac i'm looking at the Gateway FPD-1975 that has looked nice on the shelf and looking at doing two of them. Any and all comments/criticisms welcome.

    Howie J.

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    isnt best buy getting apple soon? if they are id def go mac pro with cinema display(s). If not id go mac pro with the best monitor you can get at best buy

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    My first choice.. Apple Displays.. Second Choice... Dell Displays.. Third Choice.. nicest one they have a best buy.. I don't know much about best buy, I don't know if they sell apple or dell there, but hope you find something you like.
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    Unfortunately, we don't sell apple.....YET. See the post in the rumors section and dell is online only. The only dell that was released in a retail store was last holiday at a costco in CA somewhere. Thanks for the input everyone.

    Howie J

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