I wanted to throw this one out to all of you. I am a member of usenetserver.com. They have a global search function on their site that allows you to dynamically create nzb files.

Here's the problem: If I create the nzb file on my MacBook and bring it into my newsgroup reader (Unison), it downloads the binaries fine. However, if I generate the exact same nzb on my Mac Pro (Standard build, 3GB RAM, OS 10.4.7), I get all sorts of errors from Unison.

If I bring the nzb file into BBEdit (I believe it's just an xml file), I can see multiple syntax errors throughout. I've confirmed that other friends with MacBooks have no problems generating these nzb files but haven't had any other confirmations from Mac Pro owners.

My question to all of you is, could it be a software or hardware issue? Would reinstalling the OS make a difference? I find it hard to believe that it would be a hardware issue because the file is generated on the news-server side and then downloaded via Safari. Speaking of which, I have already tried Firefox, Opera, and even IE 6.0 via CrossOver... all with the same result of generating a corrupt NZB.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If rebuilding the OS makes a difference, I would have no problems doing it. I'm just trying to rationalize what could be causing it.

Thanks again!