Hi, I have a 64MB ATI graphics card and can't get the screen resolution I want. It was fine and I had it set to how I like, until I plugged in an S-video cable to my T.V then all the settings changed and now I can't get back to the resolution I had before. I unplugged the cable and tried to change them but still no luck.

When I select the desired resolution it makes the screen tiny in the middle of the monitor. The resolution is fine on the T.V. I have a real pet hate of low screen resolutions which is all I can use at the moment.

I bought the card on ebay but think it is a PC "flashed" to MAC as the factory drivers CD is PC and MAC drivers are on a cd-r.

Is there any way I can clear the memory of the card or the files that the card uses so I can "restore" it to how it was before I connected the s-video. It also asked me in the ATI app (the first time I opened it with the T.V connected) if I wanted to have the connection to the T.V as always on. I removed the app and reinstalled but it seems to have remembered the settings and doesn't ask this again. Is there any way to change it back so it doesn't remember?

Any suggestions?

Thank you.