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    Is there a cricket in my machine?
    Hello everyone, I'm about 3 months into the Mac experience. I had a 1.8Ghz 1GB Ram machine, then I upgraded to a dual 2.0Ghz 2GB Ram machine.

    I have the same graphics card in both machines. Now I would of course think that my new machine would be much better/faster, and so far so good. However, when I went to play my new online game on THIS NEW machine, as soon as I start playing I get a crazy high pitched bird/cricket sound coming from inside the machine! As soon as I stop playing the game, the sound stops.

    Any ideas? I kind of worry when buying a used computer, I mean it's in good shape and not too old, but it concerns me nonetheless.

    Thanks all

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    I can't say that being online, whether gaming/browsing would cause such sounds from your computer.....

    Is there any consistancy to this....

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    are you saying it is the same exact graphics card you had in your last one or you purchased the same one and have it in both machines??? reason i mention is maybe your graphics card fan is messed up and causing the n oise.... see if it does anything similar while watching movies or something
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    Dual 2.0Ghz 2GB RAM 64MB GForce
    hey thanks for the replies. No it's not the same physical graphics card, but the exact same model. I haven't noticed the sound when I watch movies, but granted I haven't done too much of that. The sound starts and stops like clockwork whenever I start or stop playing the game.

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