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    Question My iMac is talking to me like a robot! Make it stop!!
    Can some one help me out with what preference i have to change to get my iMac to stop announcing the name of the window everytime i switch programs or do anything. It talks in the iSpeak like robot voice. I had iSpeak but i got rid of it but the voice is still there. It is off when i turn the sound off but i'd like to listen to music without robocop telling me what im doing.
    any help would be appreciated

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    sys. prefs----> universal access----> Voice over off. OR HIT apple F5! Hope this helps!

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    Well that was easy......thanks

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    Amusing title. At first I thought you had a problem that no one on here could help you with.

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    I am extremely grateful that this question and answer were in place. My imac is 3 years old, and suddenly began saying every window aloud, a week ago.

    Can someone tell me how I started this?

    I have not opened sys pref/universal access.....let alone hit voiceover on.

    Could I have turned it on some other way?

    Thank you.

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    It can also be turned on using the keyboard. I believe the key sequence is the command and F5 simultaneously.
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