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    Question High Speed Internet for G5
    I have plans to get a Powermac G5. However, it has come to my attention that not all High Speed ISP are compatible with Mac.

    What High Speed ISP do you all recommend? Keep in mind that I live in the country and not all High Speed ISP are available out here. Especially, cable type High Speed ISP (i.e. RoadRunner).

    Oh, the High Speed ISP isn't for my present PC in will be for my Mac when I get it.

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    to my knowledge, there is pretty much no such thing as an 'incompatible isp'!

    maybe certain connection equipment may be incompatible or even certain ISPs dialler software, but on the whole there is nothing to be incompatible.

    its just a case of having the right connection details and entering it into the networks section of OSX.

    at least thats the case in the UK so im guessing its the same over there, im sure someone will clarify this for you though man

    but i certainly wouldnt let that stand in your way, you wont have any difficulty at all.

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    yeah pretty much any isp is compatible.

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    Hmmm. Ok, I just had to ask because I have heard some Mac/High Speed Internet horror stories on this forum. Also, I have read other things about if you get high speed internet for your Mac you have to add this or that to your system for it to work.

    Well, keeping in mind that I live in the USA and in the state of Texas. Does anyone recommend a great High Speed Internet service? I would like to have Roadrunner, however, that is not possible out here because we live too far into the country.

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