Has anyone ever had trouble with their IMac dropping the server right in the middle of work?
I have had our ISP service out here and they checked their equipment (Cable modem and such) and it's fine on their end. Then we called Linksys and messed around with them, no problem there, we're starting to think it's our IMac itself. We have also just connected the cable to the IMac and the modem directly (not through a router or wireless router box) and it still does it. It even does it when it's running wireless.

We have reset our router, modem, everything and it still keeps happening. I get to look at about 5 or 6 pages on the internet, then it just stops responding and I'll get a message about the server being dropped. It even does it with the mail and no internet page open.
The weird thing is, if I unplug the cable (internet cable) from the back of the IMac, and plug it back in, hit refresh, the page will come back on and work fine for about 10 minutes before it does it again.
I've even tried buying a NEW cable and it still does this....

What would be doing that inside the IMac? This is already my second new IMac.. the first one had to be returned because it would not read disks.
The thought of loading up the kids and the computer and driving about an hour to the Apple Store makes my stomach sick! I've only had my IMac for almost 3 weeks. :confused: