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    New Mini or other new macs coming out soon?
    I plan on getting 2 mac mini's (one for my son, a college student, and another for me) As well, my wife plans to get a imac. Well a few days ago when i started posting inquiring on the mac mini another person responded saying that I should hold off, a new mac mini is around the corner. They said it was on so I figured maybe it's just that, a rumor. Well then I contacted a company early this morning to inquire about what they offer for mac mini's (configurations, etc). this was in email and their response was they would like to talk to me further about it but that they were just informed that a new mac mini is coming out in the future. Well I haven't called them yet but will shortly and will post here what I find out. To me now it seems likely because I was ready to buy but yet they seem to want to warn me to hold off.
    I like the mini but my only concern is the small amount of memory but yet upgraded to 2 gigs it's fine. As for hard drive, I think 120 gigs is enough but more would be nice. My biggest concern is the processor. I'd like at least closer to 2 ghz. I don't even care if the case is a little larger so I'm hoping maybe it's a higher speed model (1.88 or higher). As well, with the new memron chips coming out I wonder if Apple will start slowly moving their lines over to that. I would imagine the lower power would pay off in laptops and it would start there and later move to the other systems.
    As a side note, is there any talk of a new imac around the corner? Since my wife plans to buy one soon I'm interested in that as well. Also, any new 'series' of macs. What I mean is for me, I dont' have a lot of desk space and I already have a Windows XP machine on my desk so for me the mac mini seemed great. I can get a switchbox and share the monitor. As for my wife, she has far more room and probably will initially require a more powerful machine. Since she doensn't have a monitor the imac seems great for her. Eventually we may want a notebook but we don't want one yet. It just seems like it's a large step going from a imac to a mac pro. The mac pro is great but out of my price range. I just wish there was a imac without a monitor in a sense or either a scaled down mac pro. Is there any plans of something like this? if so I'd likely go with that instead of the mac mini.

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    There are two schools of thought on this one, but both are ultimately speculation.

    The first school says that Apple will hold off until the new year and then announce a bunch of new items: Leapord, new mini, new iMac. I tend to think that this is not the smartest thing they could do commercially - by spreading out the new product deployments, they help keep the "buzz factor" high, and likely increase overall revenue.

    This brings us to the second school, which says that with the Merom and Conroe chips out in the market now, Apple will release a new mini and a new iMac based around these two, likely the Merom since it is the lower power of the two. To my mind this would make a lot of sense, sometime in the late October early November time frame - you know, load the channel for the Christmas buying season.

    My money is on the second school - new Merom based Mini's and iMacs in late October, early November. This will likely bring in lots of upgraders as well as generate more buzz and bring in lots of new customers. These same people will them be part of the target market for Leapord when it comes out. By spreading the announcements out they get more great press and more revenue - win-win for Apple AND for us!
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    Nobody can say anything about when apple will upgrade their computers, nobody knows, not even the people selling them. The apple store themselves dont' even know when they will be released. The apple store does not get any new products or anything before they are released to the public.. So all information you hear is purely speculation, weather or not you believe them is up to you, because all rumors of new/upgraded projects are going to be true eventually, they will eventually have a mac mini with 8-10 cores, its going to happen, is it going to happen any time soon, no, but it wll happen. Just buy the computers you want/need now and they will not get slower when new ones come out, they will be the same computer and suit your needs just as well as when you bought it.
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    like i did, i bought my 20" now because it is what suits me, fill my computing needs. you'll never gonna buy anything if you just keep waiting. buy based on your computing needs not because it "the best", "the fastest", these fast computer, sooner or later will be the next slowest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulokoy
    like i did, i bought my 20" now because it is what suits me, fill my computing needs. you'll never gonna buy anything if you just keep waiting. buy based on your computing needs not because it "the best", "the fastest", these fast computer, sooner or later will be the next slowest.
    I agree, but I just configured the base Mini, if your worried about processor speed, space etc I wouldn't even bother getting a Mini I'd get an iMac because the mini with the specs you want plus apple care is more than a base iMac. Since iMacs are all in one it would fit on your desk with your XP machine.

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