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    Strange mini-DVI display problem!
    At my work we've got some new Intel iMacs and are using a couple of them attached to projectors for secondary/mirrored displays. We are also using bootcamp on both as well. The problem is that on one of the iMacs (the other is fine) we can't get it to detect the second display. The strange part is that during the boot screen, it will pop up briefly on the projector then disappear. Once the OS has loaded, I'll hit the detect displays and it will flash briefly again like during booting, but this time has this fuzzy/wavy/out of phase look. Also, when I go to system preferences and then click displays, there is not an "arrangement tab" for making any adjustments. I've swapped mini-DVI adapters but that didn't solve the problem. Oh and one last thing, and this one is the real kicker....When I boot to Windows, the secondary monitor works 100% perfectly fine.

    Well, I think that covers everything. Hope one of you out there can help!

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    Hey Mate having the Same Probelm..
    I Just Installed Windows Xp , Wheh I m Tryin to Use the Mini DVI Port To See the Content On My TV.. I Cant See ..
    WHen I Boot it thru MAC OS .. then i can Properly See the Contents Of MacBook Screen On TV.

    In Windows OS MODE.. Whe MINI DVI Port is Connected, I Can See A Flicker i Screen then It Rolls On and Final Cant view any Content Of Macbook on TV.

    Wast the Problem..How Can it be Resolved...
    Please Help Me...

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