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    My new iMac 17" machine....
    Have had my iMac now for about 3 weeks. It is a wonderful piece of machinery. I like how "intuitive" it is. I find myself going back to work ( win2000 shop ) and trying to drag things around. <grin> It doesn't work that way with windows.

    Overall I am happy with it. I find the DVD playback not very good ( I am a picky audio/video phile ), but then again I haven't tried anything other than the default DVD player. It is probably because the LCD however, that the display is the way it is.

    I like the fact that a few of my games are supported ( Warcraft III, and Exile ) so I could get a feel for gaming without having to shell out more dough on top of the 2K it was from the beginning.

    The only thing I have done as far as hardware hardware is concerned, is adding RAM. I installed a 512 Meg SO-DIMM from, and I can't wait to install another 512 Meg in the service slot. Has anybody done this on their own? I am A+ ceritified, I just don't wanna void the warranty or have any heat issues.

    I also have a PowerMate coming ( gotta love being the IS guy at work! <grin> ). So I will write up a review of that when it arrives.
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    yeah i've done it before. Imac's not so hard to change, all you do is have to be carefull. and grab everything from the sides when opening it..and when i mean that i mean, lets say u want to remove something for instance a video card lols u grab the sides. but u wont need to be doing that. And you'll have to know where it is though, where the slots are..mynes 512meg...lols very hoping to get 2GIG soon ..1 gig in each slot hope this helped? lols

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    It's been five years, I would hope he fixed it by now.
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