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    It has come time for me to restore the operating system on my iMac (OS 9) I put the Restore CD that came with my iMac into the drive and run the restore application. I only have one drive to choose from "Macintosh HD" I want to do an erase and restore, but it tells me that I can not restore the start up drive. I can't seem to find any instructions with the CD. I have tried booting with the CD in the drive, but it doesn't want to load on startup from the CD. I have tried Command + S, and Control + S to see if I could find any startup options, but I'm not getting anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    reboot your mac. When it begins to start up, press and hold the "C" button, which will boot from the CD WHILE IT IS IN THE DRIVE.
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    Just curious, why do you need to "restore" the system?
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    Yes, why would you need to "restore" the system?
    From all my years of experience with Macs I have found that a "restore" is more often than not a completely unnecessary thing.
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