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    USB 2.0 Upgrade on G4 500mhz
    Hi, I need usb 2.0 on my powermac. Is it possible to install a PCI usb 2.0 card? Are there any brands that will definatley work/not work? If not, is it possible to buy a hub that will convert firewire into usb 2.0?

    I am running Tiger 10.4.3.


    Thomas Owen.

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    Yes. Do a google search for USB 2 Mac compatable PCI cards, you will find them.

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    Thanks. Kind of obvious wasn't it? I wasn't using the right terms in my other searches.

    I was just reading my previous post and read what I put at the bottom to close. :dummy: LOL. I had to write a few formal emails today that's why.

    Thanks though,


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    yeah, I have a belkin USB 2 card in my g4 and it worked great, with no drivers required. I really saw the difference between USB 1 and USB 2.0
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    Thanks macEfan,

    That's a big help actually as I have a belkin usb 2.0 on an old machine that is in storage. I will be sure to dig it out now.

    Great forum, much appreciated.

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