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Thread: iMac won't boot

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    Unhappy iMac won't boot
    Here is the situation in short. My internal cd player is busted. A while ago, my intrnal hard drive started acting wonky- sometimes not booting up. Now it doesn't boot up at all. When I try and boot up regularly I get the missing hard drive icon. When try and boot up from an exteral firewire cd driver with the software restore cd, it gives me a fodler icon with a blinking question mark. I have an external usb drive, which doesn't have a sytem intstalled on it- but I can't even boot up to install it and set it as my start up disk. My iMac is old- a platinum colored DV edition, with a G3 chip and no memory upgrade. Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks, paul

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    Exclamation I know!
    My G3 I had the same problem!
    First get your MAC in for repair, there must be a problem with your motherboard or you have a few loose cables inside, in my case it was both!
    Usually its not that big! Mabye ur external disc drive isnt compatible if that isnt it then give it to a MAC repair place They only charged me $55 for my job. But firsst ask them to give you an estimated bill.
    Sorry if I didnt give you much info!

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