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    ATI Rage 128 Upgrade (flashing to Mac?)
    I've got a G4 400 (AGP!) system, with the original ATI Rage 128 graphics card with 16 MB of RAM. My question is this: I have an old ATI Rage 128 with 32 MB lying around from a Windows PC. Can I use this card in my Mac? double the RAM would be nice, and it's cheaper then buying a new card. I don't play games anyway, i need it for working. Can I just swap these cards? Or do I need to Flash the 32 MB card from the Windows PC to work on my Mac? And if so, how is that done?

    Thanks in advance

    PS- The 32 MB Card is an ATI Rage 128 GL card. Will this be better or worse then the 16 MB Rage 128 that shipped with my Mac. I also have a Rage Pro with 16 MB lying around. Which card is better? The GL has 32 Megs of Ram, so I'm figuring it should be faster???

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    Check out the forum at i think someone knows how to do it there

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