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    SATA external drive enclosure + iMac intel core due
    So I learned all about SATA when I thought I order (2) "IDE" 200G hard drives for my IDE/Firewire enclosures. Also I learned all about the "SATA to IDE" converter ($19 goes inside my IDE to firewire external enclosure) and the external "SATA to firewire" enclosures (which is pretty pricey and has a good loss of transfer speed when configured from SATA to firewire). My question is...Does the "iMac CoDu" have and extra SATA port on the motherboard itself?? It has one for the internal SATA drive, so is there a spare??

    I appreciate any advice

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    I've wondered the same thing.

    Questions: Can I remove the hard drive from my 2 year old I-mac and connect an external sata drive array to the sata jack in the I-mac. I'd have to make a hole in the back of the computer to run the cable through. So the external raid array would run the entire computer, no internal drive.

    Also, I wonder if there might be an adapter to connect a second drive to the PCI bus via the wifi connector jack. Who needs wifi on an I-mac anyways?

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    Do not bother with eSATA.

    Firewire is just as good, or even better particularly if you have FW800. Have tried eSATA PCI Controller Cards with various G4 and G5 Macs and not worth the outlay over Firewire.

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