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    Question Wireless Internet Connection iMac G5
    I'm considering buying a new iMac, and just wanted to ask a (probably stupid) question about using the airport extreme.

    My dad currently has a PC (without wireless capability) and i want to be able to connect my iMac and his PC using a wireless router.

    Is this just a simple case of connecting his via USB or Ethernet to the router, and then using the iMac built in airport extreme to connect to the router (like having a wireless card in a PC as it were) or is it more complicated than that? You dont need to buy a airport extreme base station, you can use any common wirelss router i assume?

    Sorry if that sounds really stupid, just trying to get my mind around it.

    Cheers for any help

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    It really is that simple. If your iMac has the airport (all new ones do) it will 'see' the wireless router and you can connect to it. Your dad's pc can be connected through USB or ethernet but I stongly recommend ethernet for better throughput and less hassle. Your airport card should show a 'baseball diamond'-looking icon in the upper right of your screen. Click on this when the router is on and you should see the router's default name listed there or whatever SSID you give the router. Then just go down to the wireless network name and click on it. Bang, your connected.

    Furthermore, you should set the encryption on the router to WPA-PSK level and you should enter a 64 character hexidecimal password. A great source for random passwords can be found here:

    This type of encryption makes your wireless network virtually un-hackable. Lastly, don't forget to turn on the router's internal firewall. If you need more help, let me know.

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    Cheers, thanks for the help. I'll definitely give you a shout if i need anymore.

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