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Thread: My latest Mini/Macbook debate

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    Lightbulb My latest Mini/Macbook debate
    Someone PM'd me, (I will keep him anonymous in case he doesn't want me to reveal his name)

    I just got my mini about a week ago and haven't really had any problems with it. I ordered it just a while before the macbook was being shown on thier site and I've realized I might've gone for that instead. Now, returning it shouldn't be all that much of a problem but I'm not sure wethier I should ro not.

    So, I was just wondering if you could give some insight why you switched. Every detail and every conclusion would be nice... this is my money we're talking about here!! >.<
    The Mac Mini is a good computer. The new Intel ones currently, without bootcamp installed, is lacking in the game department due to Universal Binaries not being widely available yet. It's understandable, it's still pretty new and it takes time to write up the binaries.

    The Mac Mini had an AirPort issue with the newer Mac Minis, unfortunately my Mac Mini was included in this problem list. So my wireless doesn't work. That's the only physical problem I had with my Mac Mini.

    So I debated about the Mac Mini. This is a personal preference thing, I was debating if I should have just coughed up the ~400-300 dollars more and got a MacBook instead. I mean, essentially they're about the same. But Mac Minis aren't exactly portable except for in size. The lack of monitor is the part that kills me, there isn't a good way to buy a smaller monitor for cheap to make Mac Mini more ideal over the MacBook. So you're stuck with it as a desktop machine. Then you compare it with a Desktop machine. The video card is not hugely impressive from what I've tested thus far, the components are more like a laptop (lacking in HDD speed and RAM speed), and so these points make me wonder why not just buy an iMac instead? If you don't need portability, buying an IMac (which is about the size of a monitor anyways) is ideal.

    So I'm all over the place, debating about this little box we call the Mac Mini. I submitted the return thing where you can mail it back, it had a 10% repacking fee (~70 bucks) plus I had to pay for shipping (not sure how much that'll cost yet)... but I still haven't sent it. I am now debating if I really want to bother sending it back.

    The thing that kills me is I can't afford multiple mac systems. I can't pay 1700+ for a couple systems, and I love OS X so what can I do about this? My latest thought is to get a grant in my new business and invest in a really nice laptop. One I could never personally afford. Since It's an IT type business I can probably explain the higher costs that it's a demonstration machine. I may even be able to get a student discount since I am in school.

    So in the end, thus far... I'm leaning towards keeping the Mac Mini. I can't use it for school realistically, even though I have occasionally thought of putting my 19 inch flat screen into a 5 inch deep aluminum briefcase with the mac mini on the bottom portion + keyboard + mouse.... but it seems like a pipe dream even if it's a REALLY cool personal laptop idea.

    I was even eyeing the compitetion in the MacBook area. It seems to me the reason the "enemy" gets really good prices is the fact they have a ton of rebates and mark downs. The macbook comparatively is really good price. The bigger sized screens however seem to curve higher pricing than a PC one though, and that saddens me because I love OS X. That's what kills me about buying a PC right now. MacBooks always get smaller hard drives, and occasionally smaller ram too for the same priced computers vs competition. MacBooks have usually better chipsets however. I also don't like you have to pay 1500+ minimum for the black laptop. White is a nasty color for something portable.

    Ok that's about all the topics I can think of that I'm debating on this topic, hope it helps you see my personal points, person who private messaged me !

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    Well the private message was incase you didn't check your thread, but thanks for the secrectcy anyways :black:

    I've thought of alot of those things aswell in relation to myself. I'm just in grade 11 but I got my mini with the expectation of taking it to some sort of collage or university. Yes, I realize I will not be able to take notes on it inside a big lecture hall but it's still something nice to have at a home base I establish. For now I have a beafy shoulder case in which I carry everything besides my monitor. This is with the assumption anywhere I take it will have some sort of screen, or at least a TV (got the adapter). Espeically in my school, where there seems to be hundreds of the things lying about.

    This has worked out during the week I've had it, resulting in a perfect mark for a history summitive done in Flash :mac:

    And, being in the grade I am, I purchased my mini with money as the biggest factor. Before the macbook came out I concluded that the mini was the best computer for my budget and for performance (mostly in comparison to the ibook (eww)). But with the release of the macbook I'm not so sure now. Keep in mind I had to purchase a mouse, keyboard, speakers, and a new, different monitor (**** siblings- "We need the monitor for our computer"...jerks)

    But the main reason for my inquiry was that, what seems like everyone, ethier has a complaint or are returning thier mini's. Like I've said, I'm fine with mine but I was wondering why everyone else thinks some other mac is better...

    So what it comes down to for me is that which is overall better; the macbook or mini, and why? And if the macbook is better then is it worth attempting to return everything I have bought?

    Oh yea, and thanks for the reply

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    I personally think there are less problems with the mini vs the macbook..

    However, i'm confused between the mini and the macbook as well. considering this is apple's first macbook, i think i should hold off for at least a while (although i really want to buy one). Also, i think the leopard is coming out in another 6 months (we'll find out in august @ the WWDC in Aug).

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    At first I thought you said you were 11 years old, was quite impressed at this point.

    but grade 11 puts you around 16 or 17 hehe I should sit down with macromedia flash again.

    I say keep your mac mini. It's less of a hassle, and I guess Mac Books have a lot of problems still. So not worth the money just yet.

    we'll see how long I stick to that.

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