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Thread: Intel Mac Mini in for service

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    Intel Mac Mini in for service
    So far I've had my Intel Mac Mini for 2 months and have used it maybe 2 weeks. I've been using my old Mac Mini and my wife is on me because I spent what $700 and its been collecting dust.

    Here are my issues:

    1) At cold boot, I have to click on disk drive to finish the boot process
    2) Very poor Airport Reception
    3) No bluetooth or limited use.

    They talked like they may just give me a new mini as I directed them to the web sites that talk about all the Mini issues.

    My original Mini is sweet and has never caused me one issue. My wife is wondering why I bought another one.

    I said you married a computer geek. {gulp!)

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    Have you already checked the system.log file? Some times it gives useful information about the errors occure during boot up. If you can post the log message here, we could try to figure out what went wrong. Here is how you find the system.log

    1) Restart the MacMini and log in as Admin
    2) Open the Terminal (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal)
    3) Type cd /var/log and press Enter
    4) Type cat system.log (This should give you list of activities taken place during boot-up)
    5) Copy and Paste the events taken place during the current boot-up.

    May be this would give some good clues.

    Otherwise, to reset the PRAM, hold down the [Option], [Apple], [P] and [R] keys all at the same time while the computer starts up. Continue holding down the four keys until your computer chimes two or three times, then let go. Your computer should start up properly.

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    Thanks for reminding me about the system log. I saw that before and there are errors in the log when I boot the Mini. I will email the tech this suggestion.

    I did reset Pram; a few times.

    Thanks again!


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    i have the same problem with air port it won't connect to my wireless hub ONE ROOM away....

    i thought my airport wasn't compatible with my linksys router or somethng?

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    I think the Intel Mac Mini has an OFFICIAL problem with the Airport. I have the same problem, everyone has the problem from what I've seen.

    I really hope they're cool about return policy, I want to give this Mac Mini back and get a Mac Book instead I think. I've had my Mac Mini maybe 3 weeks.

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    My Intel Mac Mini has been in the shop getting repaired now for 7 days.

    Pffff! Is Mac sinking to the depths of the e-machine?

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    Well I've had mine for almost a week and the only problem I can come up with is the bluetooth. I have a bluetooth mouse + keybord that won't stay connected at all by themselves... but that's why there's the wireless usb key in the back for them ^.^

    And what's all of this talk about switching them for different macs? I bought mine under the assumtion that it was the most powerful for its price, ****it >.<

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    My Intel Mini now has been in the shop for 10 days and they tell me they have a new bluetooth board on order. Hopefully this will fix my internet and bluetooth issues.

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