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    stuck mouse
    My imac 700 has a stuck mouse/curser. I sense that this computer is on its last leg--the fan doesn't work and the repairshop told me it probably is a motherboard problem. It overheats and then shuts off. I don't want to spend the money to replace the motherboard on such an outdated machine, but do want to save some files before we put it to rest, or even squeeze out a few more months of use until we can afford to replace it. I started using an external fan directed on the vents, and it ran great for a few weeks. But now when I power it on, the curser is stuck in the left hand corner. The keyboard works fine. I get an error message -51 referring to the software palm desktop. I'm learning how to use the keyboard in place of the mouse, but haven't mastered the art yet. I tried zapping the P Ram. Any other suggestions on how to get the curser working again? I tried a different keyboard.



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    I assume you have two boxes since you're talking to the forums right now?
    I'm not good with macs, but just from personal understanding these may viable options to solve your problems (some to little depending on details) :

    1) (Easiest?) Host your system to another computer over a network. Appletalk, Samba, whatever you can muster up (even FTP to another computer) to get the data off that system and onto another one. This is assuming your system stays operational long enough for you to copy the data over.

    1) Ultimately, the reason you're still running this computer is because of what data is has. (Correct?)

    You can alternatively attempt to remove the Hard Drive from the iMac and place it in the new computer you got. Unfortanately, iMacs tend to have funky containers (or built into the monitor) so deconstructing your system may take some TLC. Even if the mother board is 'jacked up' as the techs reported, you should be able to "save" the data on your HD and transfer it to a new machine if you can get it out and plug it into the new system.

    If a fan isn't working, especially the CPU fan, Overheating at extreme levels can take out other components, or potentially data lass from screw ups. Worst case scenarios, but be careful with an over heating system. I assume once again, it is difficult to replace the fan, or not worth the salvaging...

    2) Try an alternate mouse and port. Or a few. From what I've seen Macs tend to have USB keyboard/mice, and where you plug in your mice may be inoperable for one reason or another so may want to try different ones. Most Macs have the mouse plug into the keyboard, if that's your case try to plug into the system itself to ensure it isn't the USB port. Or unplug the keyboard and put the mouse in it's jack. If your mouse/keyboard isn't USB, then your PS-2 mouse port *may* have issues, try mouse, if not.. well just resort to the hard drive alternative.

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