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Thread: iMac or iBook?

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    Question iMac or iBook?
    So, I'm a pc-man, but SO tired for PCs... I think I'm not the only one... So I've been thinking about a mac. I make music with computer, so I need some power, but also stability (which PCs don't seem to offer...). I can't afford those G5s or even G4 (the one which look like computer, not iMac, eMac, or laptop...). PowerBook is too expensive too. So my choices are iBook and iMac. I thought about the 800Mhz G4 (12") iBook, or maybe the 933Mhz G4 one. How big is the difference in speed of those two iBooks? I would probably take that 640mb memory (which is the maximum) for those. So is the 933Mhz one worth the extra 200-300 (or something like that in $s). And then the other one choice is the iMac (15") There's 1Ghz G4 processor in that and the maximum ammout of memory is 1Gb, which is more than in iBooks. Also, the memory seems to be a bit faster in iMac, because it's DDR 333Mhz, while it's DDR 266Mhz in iBooks. That iMac would cost about 1600 (again, something like that in dollars), whit 1Gb memory (if I won't buy that memory from apple, cause they seem to have quite expensive memories). So, which one would be the best choise (price/quality ratio)? And can you say, what kind of pc do those macs match, (I know that the Mhz-ammount is not compareable). If you bother answer, I would really appreciate that, cause I really don't know anything about macs, and I don't believe in salesmans speaks.

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    Come on! So many viewings and no one bothers to answer... Please, some one answer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petronome
    Come on! So many viewings and no one bothers to answer... Please, some one answer!
    I'll reply. It really depends on your needs. Where are you making the music? If you are recording and bringing it back to your home or studio, then the IMac would probably be the best choice over time. At the same time, you can't beat the portables. I have both a desktop and a laptop. If you get a laptop, get the largest screen you can. It will make a big difference.

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    hey man,

    im pretty new to mac's in general but with recording and music I use them alot, If you are moving around alot and say using it for samples etc i suggest getting an ibook 12" but like if its gonna have permenant residence in your home/studio I agree to get a larger screen which may cost you more money...Ibooks are a good way to go, just ensure you have plenty of ram, I suggest looking on ebay there are loads of upgraded ibooks on there with reasonable prices. something IMPORTANT to take into account is your soundcard which you will be using to record with, is it going to be compatable with your mac? I suggest getting a soundcard with Firewire enabled which is much faster then USB. Also the soundcard can set you back anywhere from 400-1000 so tread carefully look at reviews and which is the best for you...


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