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Thread: external widescreen TV- help with resolution

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    Xenon Supra
    external widescreen TV- help with resolution
    Just hooked my Mac Mini up to my widescreen 30" RCA Scenium LCDX3022W - It is going through the DVI cable...The resolution of the TV is supposed to be like 1280x768. The mini will only offering output displays up to 1024x768, but it is supposed to output up to 1900x1200 from what i read.

    How do i get it to recognize that my TV can handle above 1024x768?

    I called apple but my phone support ran out a few days ago

    Any help? Thanks.

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    Xenon Supra
    anyone have any ideas?

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    Xenon Supra

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    I hope you get a reply because I was about to do the same thing with my Samsung 30". I don't have DVI, only YpBpR but I was hoping to get an adapter to see how it looks, if it doesn't look good I'll just stick with my monitor.

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    What happens when you go into display preferences? You should get a window showing the current resolution set for the tv and other options to pick. I think there is also a detect display settings button which might want to try. Have you had a play around?

    I wish I had a 30" widescreen TV!

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    Did you do any Upgrades/OSX...??? I had this problem when I had to use my 30" Panasonic HDTV (CRT, Direct View) Resolution became limited and had to Re-Install worked...!!!

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    I'm using mine on a 52" Samsung DLP. I'm using VGA instead of DVI because the only DVI connector has DTV HD on it. When I initially booted after getting it home, this was what it was connected to. It recognized it by name and even created a profile for it.

    You might want to try and use "Detect display" under System Settings>Display.

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