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    hardware test problem
    Hi guys,

    All of the sound output devices on my computer mysteriously dissapeared. I called applesupport and they suggested I run the apple hardware test. I opened the hardware test up and it got to a page where I could select my HD or the hardware test. The problem was that the wristwatch icon wouldn't go away and the computer was basically frozen.
    Any ideas on how to make that watch go away or any thoughts on my missing sound output devices??
    We're using os10.3.9 on a dual 2 ghz powerpc G5. There's 512mb of RAM. If you need any other specs, please let me know


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    Open Disc utility and rpair permissions and then repare the disc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baggss
    Open Disc utility and rpair permissions and then repare the disc.

    Thanks, that was good thinking
    I got into the hardware test and then it said "invalid memory access..." and everything froze.
    Any other ideas? I'm up for anything

    Thanks again

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    Two things could be causing the error on the hardware test.

    1. Bad ram

    2. Some of the older apple hardware test discs were bad and they will fail with that error no matter what you do. Apple should replace your disk with a newer one if you ask.

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