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    imac macos 9.2 issue.......
    Ok i have a friend that has one of those older imacs that has 96mb ram its that aqua blue color, anyways they have comcast cable for internet and they use the defualt built in outlook express that comes with the mac os and all she uses the imac for is email and internet browsing.

    Well the issue was or still is that when shes going through her inbox and deleting email or maybe even viewing them the os or more accurate outlook locks up it freezes the mouse still moves but nothing happens when clicking on anything she has to turn off the imac. well i dont know anything macs so i called a local mac store and see if they had a mac os 9.2.1 cd so i got one for 15 bucks and the cd label says hold down c to boot the cd well that didnt work. so at the desktop i saw the cd icon and open it up and ran the installer from there and i chose the option for clean install, well i gues these macs are diffirent than windows cause it looks like it still kept some files that they had already even though it supposely laid down a new mac os install. like even after setting up the internet and outlook setup wizard there prevoius email was still on the harddrive but she gets the same exact issue.

    any1 know what could be the issue or is there really a way to format the c drive to really do a clean brand new install? thax...

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    Sounds like an issue with Outlook I'd call Microsoft tech support and ask them about the version you have.

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    In OS 9 and earlier, a clean install means that a new system folder is installed. The old system folder is replace with a new system folder.
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