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Thread: Screen failed!

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    Exclamation Screen failed!
    Every time i start up my old g3 imac the screen fails to come on. There are normal sounds coming from the machine itself however the green light on the front of the monitor doesnt come on and the screen remains off, any help anybody could give me in this matter would be much nappreciated.

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    just a thought, but have u had any problems recently with the clock resetting itself, and maybe other little preferences setting themselves weird? cuz it might be the battery inside your computer might have gone dead. the last symptom of this is that the screen doesn't turn on when you power up your computer. i forget exactly what the battery is called, but it's just a little battery on the motherboard that you can replace. usually these go south after about 4 to 5 years. you can get them at an apple store, compusa, or even radio shack i think. hope this helps.

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