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    New core solo fans always on full

    I recently bought a new mac mini core solo in america, then took it back to the UK. I hav it running through a converter to UK plug, if that makes a difference.The fans are always on at full power, are extremly load, and just generally annoying.

    Does anyone hav any suggestions as to teh problem or a possible solution?

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    go to your local apple store, they're bound to have a power cable.
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    thanks for the reply,
    just to clarify, u think i need a uk power lead?

    if so i have a long.... way to go to my local store.

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    chief99 i did the same as you, got a mini from the states, had to go back to the local store for something wrong but the tech guy said that when it was in bits he saw that the fans were on all the time and that was wrong. he replaced the logic board (motherboard) and all issues were sorted. for added info when you take yours to the shop take your power lead and transformer as they will try to power it up with one of the old types of supply. yours requires more voltage to operate and a power pack from the older minis do not work. also the intel macs do not support un-powered microphones you need a Griffin iMic ( that was the original issue with mine) mine was done all on warranty but the invoice was for just under 400 quid.

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    omg, wow. thanks for the info.

    So will i hav to pay the 400quid or will it be covered on warrenty? (i dont have the extended warrenty, just teh one that comes with it.)

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    Sorry, just need to know if that would be covered on the warrenty that came with the mac?

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