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    Wireless Mouse and Keyboard or Mighty Mouse and Wired Keyboard?
    Did you guys keep the included mouse and keyboard and use it???

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    I used the initial keyboard and mouse that came with my imac for a few months. I cannot stress enough how much I love the Apple keyboard. It is the best desktop keyboard I have ever typed on. In my opinion it is better than any Logitech or Microsoft keyboard.

    The mighty mouse is a very good mouse. However it is not a "true" two button mouse in that it is a sensor that detects a right click. I realized in order to right click I had to make sure no part of my skin made contact with the left side when I pressed down. The scroll wheel on the mighty mouse is very intuitive and beats most other companies alternative. The squeezable sides are also very intutive with their compatibility for expose.

    ATM I use a wireless (mini-usb receiver) logitech cordless click mouse and the apple keyboard. The blue throws off the color scheme slightly but I play the occational game and find the true two button functions much more appealing.

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