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Beemer 04-06-2006 04:54 PM

Boot Camp! Apple releases for Win XP!
As you probably, or should, know by now is that Apple has release a BETA of Boot Camp, allowing you to install and daul boot with Windows XP on Intel macs only. They include a disk image of allt he needed drivers so far.

This is for a new feature of the upcoming Leopard OS.

More info and download at:

I just need to find a SP2 disk to get started!

lil 04-06-2006 05:02 PM

An interesting thing indeed.

FWIW—I think this is a very good thing.

That said all my Windows needs (namely my work's database system and Crystal Reports) are all catered for through remote desktop (with rdesktop); so for me truly booting XP is an unnecessary as our system works through remote terminal servers anyway.

At home however, I have no need to use Windows personally—except for a database I wrote for a previous employer, but that hasn't gone wrong (touch wood) yet so it shouldn't ever be an issue.

Frankly though—excellent news; and something that should really get those peeps in the market for a new machine to really consider a Macintosh.


Beemer 04-06-2006 05:19 PM

Supposedly everything, even some games, worked great.

Read the first offical test done:

playm0de 04-06-2006 05:32 PM

I downloaded boot camp but when I open it it says to update my computers firmware. I checked soft updates and it says my computer is up to date. Any ideas?

lil 04-06-2006 05:39 PM

iMac Firmware Update (Early 2006)


geekboy2000 04-06-2006 06:12 PM

Now there's no reason for anyone to put off buying/trying a Mac. Surely, this will make the Mac the most versatile machine out there. I'm guessing it wasn't an easy decision for Apple to make, but I feel confident this wil pay off in a big way for them.


dtravis7 04-06-2006 06:22 PM

I am totally for Boot Camp. I have a friend who says it's the Spawn of SATAN and if you need to run any Windows Apps even for a Job, quit the job and that all the Mac is now is a Apple PC.

Sorry, there are so many who need to run at least a few windows apps and this way they can have one machine and do all their work. I think the idea is great. I have more than one machine but a lot of people can not either afford it or have the room for a bunch of computers. I just don't want to see Apple release OSX on the PC. That might hurt them. So many cheep PC's around.

Beemer 04-06-2006 06:34 PM

I agree also. I think having both would make this machine even more better. There are just some programs (like MSN Messenger with all the feautres) that I just miss haha.

The downside, using XP, you are again suspectable to virsues and all that great stuff that tags along.

thadoggfather 04-06-2006 07:00 PM

While it's great from a consumer stand point, I don't see much use for it myself, seeing as I'm a recent Mac convert - just having to use Windows at my school makes me cringe. But if you're a techie or you absolutely have to use Windows, it makes sense. That, and if you hate OS X (god forbid) and love windows (ditto), mac makes some of the prettiest little boxes/all-in-ones/laptops of all.

earltash 04-06-2006 07:03 PM

What Idiot wants to run Windows if you have a Mac running tiger. Sounds real Dumbass to me.................

dtravis7 04-06-2006 07:04 PM

If I hated OSX I would just get a much cheeper PC. I love OSX to death, but there are times when doing work for others it would be very important to have Windows XP there. Hard to test Windows stuff on OSX when doing in field repair on someones windows box.

To me the whole thing is NEED. Sometimes with what I do I NEED a windows machine around. If I did not, I would never mess with it. There are Games I like also but that is another issue.

playm0de 04-06-2006 07:33 PM

firmware question: it told me to shut down the computer then hold the power button down until the power light indicator flashed repeatedly then the update would begin. i held the power button down and the light flashed "repeatedly", after that a high pitched beep came from the computer and then OSX just started, no update. Is this bad/what am i doing wrong?

Beemer 04-06-2006 08:10 PM

The beep is normal. After you held it in until flashing a screen should have appeared where it was loading, then it restarts and laods back up to where you just click OK.

Try the process again, open the update and click Shut Down...wait and then hold in the power for a good few seconds until flashing...

Video from cNet showing XP on mac and start up choosing:

It also says that XP ran faster than Dell's and Gateways!

djmitch 04-06-2006 10:59 PM

Cool! This means that when I get a Mactel someday I'll finally be able to play those Window$ games I miss most. Actually, gaming options are the ONLY thing I miss about Window$ - I'll stick with OS X for everything else, particularly surfing the net and e-mails. The only thing I'll have to get over is deciding whether or not to line ol' Bill's pockets more by having to buy a copy of Window$ XPee.

BiT 04-06-2006 11:17 PM

i was thinking of buying a new copy of Windows XP, because it would save me a whole lot of time, by not having to use 2 computers, and have 2 OS's on one small best desktop computer, thats very compact!~

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