I have an Imac DV 500 (running 10.4) slot load that is ejecting all cd's dvds,
The strange part on this is after it is shut down for a 1/2 hour then started up again it will accept 1 disc. If that disc is ejected it will not accept another until it is shut down again for a another 1/2 hour. Restarts and quick shut downs will not work to help it accept the discs. Bizzare.
On the quick spit out it is not even looking at the disc. It will not spin it. The disc does not sit down to spin, the metal gate that comes usually up to keep you from inserting another disc while 1 is in the slot does not even come up. it is spit out before that. (2-4 seconds tops).
Tried so far:
Reistall of software. (older to see if the u/g altered);
Reset board;
zapped Pram;
nvram reset;
Checked firmware but has the latest update and would not flash the same update again.
I am out of ideas and want to pronounce it dead except for this 30 min shut off thing then it works again once....so I keep thinking there is something else to try.

Any ideas out there?