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    G$ Quicksilver won't boot w/DVI connected
    I'm running an old quicksilver g4/733 with 10.4.5. The video card I have in the mac (perhaps the original one from apple, I dunno), has two heads, one VGA and one ADC. I have an apple studio display connected to the VGA port, and I tried connecting a HDTV television via ADC -> DVI -> HDMI. Here are the issues:

    1) If I plug in the TV while the computer is on, it won't detect it.
    2) If I reboot with the TV plugged in, it will either:
    a) Not boot, no mac logo, fans are on, neither display works
    b) Boot, detect the TV, pretend it is outputting a signal to the TV, but the TV stays blank. The correct resolutions for the TV are shown in the display preferences.

    Now, I did get it working once, and only once. The first time I plugged the TV in and rebooted, it WORKED! I cycled through all the resolutions that OS X listed for the TV, and they all worked. Now it won't. However, it's a 50/50 random chance that the computer will boot with the TV plugged, and if it won't boot once, it will continue to not boot no matter how many times I cycle the power until I unplug it and boot all the way into os x.

    So my first step is to get it to consistantly boot with the TV plugged in. Does anyone have advice on accomplishing that?

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    Tried more things, at least I'm getting consistant results now.

    *reset-NURAM in open firmware
    *reset-all in open firmware
    *reset PRAM

    I've tried with 10.4.5 and 10.3.9 (both were clean installs, not upgrades). Whenever I boot the mac with the TV connected, all I get is a white screen on both the TV and the Monitor. Nothing more happens. If I hold down the option key, the monitor stays blank, and the TV shows garbage (incorrect resolution, acceptable). The same thing happens in open firmware. Otherwise, nothing more happens as far as booting unless I unplug the TV from the computer.

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