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    Install memory in matched pairs?
    I read somewhere that Apple recommends installing memory in matched pairs, meaning that I shouldn't buy a base iMac or mini and then install a 1 GB stick to bring it up to 1.5 GB. Any truth to this?

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    From the Apple info about the Intel mini: "For optimum performance, it is recommended to use two SO-DIMMs (one in each slot) of the same DIMM size (e.g. two 512 MB SO-DIMMs)." Also, according to the same tech-note, the base model comes with 2 256mb modules, not a single 512mb. Swapping one for a 1gb module will give you 1.25 gb and a 256 keychain decoration. In reality the performance difference between matching and non-matching memory setups is small. A bigger concern is the costs involved if you choose to upgrade in pairs.

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    What about for the iMacs...I was thinking of getting a 1 gig stick to complement my 512 stick.

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    I put a 1gb stick into my 17" Duo iMac and it runs GREAT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playm0de
    What about for the iMacs...I was thinking of getting a 1 gig stick to complement my 512 stick.
    As I understand it, the Intel iMacs use a different memory setup. There is no benefit to matching modules and no problem using different sizes together. Apple even notes that they will ship with different sized modules depending on the customer's order.

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