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Thread: iLugger?

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    Hi, I am going to be going to college next year and it may be quite a ways away. I will need to take my imac with me to college and I don't really want it to go in the belly of the plane. Does anyone know of the iLugger and how well built/suited it is to in-frequent travel?


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    I have the iLugger and I really like it, but it's more of a way to lug your iMac around, not shipping it on a plane. If you have it as carry on it should be ok, but it might be too big depending on the size of your iMac. Which if it's the 17" in your specs.. then yeah it should be the right size for carry on. I would check with the airlines though since each airline has different specifications for carry on.

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    at work.. the company that makes them came down and showed them to us. (we sell macs and everythingn to go along with it.)

    and it does look padded and very nice. i've had customers call me back and let me know they like them
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