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    Apple Remote/Front Row Delay
    I have a brand new intel iMac 20" - out of the box yesterday - and already i am experiencing some problems with the remote.. often when i click menu to launch front row there is a delay of 15-60s before it finally launches.. other programs will continue to work fine, then finally it responds and launches front row... similarly, inside in front row it might not respond to buttons on the remote but will respond to the keyboard...

    should i be considering returning the remote or is this a common problem easily fixed?


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    I am not sure but for the launch, maybe its starting and initializing? as for the not responding to the buttons, is the remote facing the imac properly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iWonder
    I am not sure but for the launch, maybe its starting and initializing? as for the not responding to the buttons, is the remote facing the imac properly?
    If you notice, the first time you launch front row, it does take a few seconds.. it is launching. However, subsequent launches will be very fast, because it is already running in the background.

    Also, you may try pressing menu twice on the remote to launch it, that's what it says in the iMac book.

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    Also, have you run Software Update yet? You should get the latest release of OS X and the latest updates for all of your programs. The remote is IR which operates very much on line-of-sight, so make sure you're pointing it at the iMac correctly.

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    There is a slight delay on my iMac, but not one that really bothers me.

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    Hmm... I just checked, the delay loading and going back is probably a total of... five seconds at most? there is something wrong if it's 60 seconds every time take it back.
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    60 seconds as stated above is way out of line. There was an update that spead it up a bit. My G5 iSight iMac takes less than 5. Install all the OSX updates and if it still does that take it to the store where you bought it.

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    iMac G5...............Frontrow...... 3 secs on a timer everytime

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    Any luck getting this fixed?

    I have a mini that worked great... until... I did a software update last night and now I have the same problem: Up to 60 seconds waiting for front row to launch - every time. Then, also in Front Row button presses take the same amount of time to register. The only other change is that I installed DivX. Could this cause it?

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    5 seconds first launch, 1 second subsequent launches...

    I also have DivX installed, so that shouldn't be it.

    But if you're running low on RAM, that might also slow down the start up time of front row.

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