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Thread: Something is Adding Suffix to URLs!

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    Mar 07, 2012
    Something is Adding Suffix to URLs!
    I work at home. When I try to open the company's web page, something is adding this to the URL:
    At first, the page opens, then quickly flashes to a "page not found." This happens even when I type the URL on the command line.
    I have deleted and reinstalled Firefox, run disk utility, and deleted the bookmarks associated with the site. It seems to have something to do with Drupal. What should I do next?

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    If it's something specific to Drupal, this is an issue with the web host and not you. Does this happen across browsers? Does this happen on any other website?
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    Others who work on that same site have not had an issue. This morning the suffix also appeared on an Apple page I tried to access. I haven't seen it anywhere else.

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    Wow, gsahli, that seemed to fix it. Thank you so much!

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