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Thread: Migration problem

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    Migration problem
    Unfortunately I interrupted migration of information from my MacBook Pro to my new iMac. Now they don't see each other on the wifi network or when hard wired. Suggestions and solutions appreciated.

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    That's not the best way to migrate data anyway. Your iMac when first turned on will automatically display the Migration Assistant and ask if you have data from another Mac you wish to transfer. Your full Time Machine backup of your MacBook Pro when attached to the iMac will transfer everything over including your old account. The only thing we warn you about doing it this way is to be sure you do not create an account on the new iMac first.

    All the above to suggest you start over and do it the right way. You may have to erase the hard drive on the new iMac and re-install Mavericks to make it work though. In other words, get the iMac back to factory fresh.

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