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    Upgrading my Imac memory
    Morning people,

    I recently purchased a new Imag G5 (intel chip), which I upgraded on purchase to 1gig of DDR2 memory (667). I need to upgrade to the maximum possible (2 gig), but need to know which manufacturer Apple uses for it's memory modules.

    I am currently looking at buying from Crucial memory (1 gig), but I have never liked mixing memory modules, if this is infact the case.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I think it's Samsung?

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    G5 Intel. ROFLCOPTER

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    I wouldnt bother about mixing sticks, they're all made the same way according to JEDEC standards, probably even in the same factory. It's not like batteries, where the formulation is different and discharges should match etc.

    You should get the cheapest stick out there (that you are willing to trust) and you'll be fine.

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    Older iMacs benefit by using matching memory modules ( but according to Apple this is not relevant to the Intel iMacs. You should be fine as long as the module is the same specs as the older one.

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    thanks for your replies..

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    Show data path?
    Is there anyway to tell whether my iMac is using the 64 or 128-bit datapath?

    I have two 1Gb memory modules, but one is a '30330' and the other is a '30440'.

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