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Thread: Company Apple ID account

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    Company Apple ID account
    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this so I appolgise if it should somewhere else

    As a company we have just purchase five new Mac Pros with Apple Care included. Rather than creating five Apple IDs, one for each Mac, I would like to create one ‘Company’ Apple ID account and register all Macs under this account along with the Apple Care for each Mac.
    Can this be done?

    I would use this account to download updates to each Mac keeping all information in one place. We are not interested in making use of iCloud as we have a Server infrastructure.

    If the above can be created then I understand that credit card details can be entered as ‘none’ against an account to stop users from purchasing Apps. But I’m thinking about creating two accounts on each Mac. One being an Administrator, with full Admin rights, the other being a user that has ‘Parental Control’ applied, only allowing access to the Apps that they require to fulfill their daily tasks. Access to, iTunes; App Store and others will be blocked for the User account. Would this be the best way to go?

    Any help and guidance will be appreciated


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    Woiw!!! ...five new Mac Pros with Apple Care included!!! Must be a nice office to work at.

    But as Apple says:
    "Registering Apple products is not required for service and support. Service and support for your Apple product are linked to its serial number,..."
    Do I need to register my Apple product?

    Neither do you need an Apple ID if you aren't going to purchase anything from their App Store.

    But you can setup a single Apple ID and add all the Mac Pros to that account:

    etc. etc.

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