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    Question Mac G4 stops and starts
    I have an older MAC G4 tower that will stop for about 45 seconds and then start again for a minute or two before it stops again for about 45 seconds. I have already changed the hard drive and re-installed the system software with the same results. It does not seem to be related to one particular program because it will happen no matter what program I am using.

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    What do you mean by "stops and starts"?

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    What i mean by stopping and starting is that the computer will work fine for a few minutes and seems to be running at normal speed but then everything will freeze except for the mouse & cursor. I can move the cursor anywhere and click or double click but nothing happens for about 45sec-1minute. Then everything come back to life for a few more minutes until it freezes again. I have changed the hard drive, reset the PRAM and also changed the internal battery without any success in fixing the problem. I can send the console log readout if that would help solve the problem. Any ideas?

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    Before sending us the console logs, try booting your G4 in safe boot mode to see if the same problem occurs. That might point out if it's a software problem which is creating the start and stop effect.

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