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    Safari Flash Problems/Firefox Slow?
    I just switched to the iMac ''17 Intel about 2 months ago. When i go on a few sites using Safari, it says I need a flash plug-in and directs me to a site to download it. Download and re-install a few times and no luck.

    Since I cant figure that out, I am trying Firefox and Darn it is slow compared to Safari.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Regular Firefox isn't really optimized under OS X that brilliantly, but there is a G4/G5 specific version out there somewhere.

    Personally I'd give Camino a shot: Firefox compatibility, but built entirely for OS X.

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    Firefox has a slow site renderer, goto to see how slow it can go.

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    After setting up my iMac, I've surfed the internet with Safari, however, I was unsatisfied with the speed at which it loads pages. I then downloaded Firefox as well as Camino, and personally, I find Camino to be the outstanding browser. Simplicity and speed combined
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