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    Spencer Neal
    Unhappy Prohibitory Sign and lost Hard disk
    I have a Power Mac G4 800mh/ 1.2 Gigs of Ram with 2 internal 40 G hard drives. One of the hard disks has the OS on it, and the other I have been using to store music that I have been recording and producing.

    About the two weeks ago, I turned on my mac and after a long grey screen, up came the prohibitory sign then it eventually booted up. However, my second harddisk with my music did not appear. I tried repairing permissions and resetting the NVRAM but to no avail there is still no hard disk and the prohibitory sign. Even after a clean reinstall, I still have the prohibitory sign and a lost hard disk. The hard disk is not even detected.

    Any ideas on how to remedy the problems? Or what could be the problem?
    Any help, would be greatly appreciated?

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    Did the 2nd die? Cable? Unplug and plug in again?

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